It all started with a weekend getaway to the coast with friends and family. We knew there were more bodies than beds, but we still wanted to provide everyone with a warm welcoming comfort that was a million times better than the floor.

Being part of a third generation mattress factory family, we figured why not take the best part of the mattresses we build day in and day out and create something I could throw in the back of a my car.

So we took the first four inches of some of the most comfortable mattresses we make, and wrapped them up in a durable fabric that could roll-up and pop out on the floor. And off we went.

Our makeshift floor mattresses were such a hit, our friends and family started jokingly referring to it as a Muffin Top Mattress because muffin tops are the best part of the muffin, and this was the best part of the mattress.

To this day the original prototypes are still being used by our friends. Over the years they kept asking for more. Could they could get one for their guestrooms, unexpected guests, camping trips, their kids sleepovers, and more. Finally we just realized, “Why not share this with everyone?”

So we started with a real mattress design, made at a real mattress factory, really slept on it, and that’s how MUFNTOP was born.

At the end of the day we hope you also enjoy how it feels to give friends, family, and even unexpected guests the best hospitality you can with a good night’s sleep.


Rion Morgenstern