Is Shipping Free?

Yes! Shipping to the contiguous United States is free. For Alaska and Hawaii we do have discounted shipping costs that are calculated at checkout.

Do You Ship Internationally?

We currently only ship to the US, but we plan to offer international shipping soon.

How Long Will It Take for My Order To Arrive?

While shipping times can vary depending on holidays, promos, and weather conditions, we always hustle to make sure your order will leave our warehouse within 2 business days. Ground shipping then takes 3-5 business days to arrive. Short answer—usually within a week. We will also email you shipping confirmation and tracking info.

 If you'd like more information please visit our Shipping page.



What is Your Return Policy?

All of our MUFNS come with a 15 day trial period.

If you'd like more information please visit our Returns page.



We believe in quality products and fun experiences. Every MUFN is backed by our limited one year warranty which you can learn more about here.




Feel free to contact us at help@mufntop.com and we'll get back to as soon as possible.



What Sizes Do You Offer?

We currently offer one size that is 72" Long 28" Wide 4" Tall.

How Much Does A MUFNTOP Weigh?

Because MUFNTOPs are made with real luxury mattress materials they weigh about 16 pounds. Because of different top fabrics some might weigh slightly more or less.

Can I Carry This A Long Distance?

While we've made our MUFNTOPS to be as light and as comfy possible, we do not recommend carrying for long strenuous hikes. They are designed more for short walks and strolls.



What Can I Use My MUFN For?

Sometimes we wonder what can't you use it for? We commonly use ours as extra bed for guests, living room lounging, picnics in the park, van or car sleeping, comfy tent camping, or even pop it on top of old beds. Get creative have fun!

Can I Wash My MUFNTOP Cover?

Yes, you can unzip and take the cover off to wash it. We recommend then ziping the cover back up and using a delicate cold wash cycle. *Please note the foam is not designed to be washable and should not be placed into a washing machine.

Will The Memory Foam Become Solid In Cold Weather?

We designed our MUFNTOP mattresses with temperature in mind and wanted the best of both hot and cold worlds. They are constructed with a layer of super breathable cold resilient memory foam, and also one layer of Visco gel infused cooling foam. The visco gel cooling layer does become less flexible when temperatures go below 35 degrees fahrenheit, but the other layer retains all breathable comfort and support.

The solution? You can flip the mattress so Visco layer is on the bottom to sleep comfy in colder temps.

If your mattress is rolled up and you then unroll it in cold weather, the Visco layer will take about a minute to aerate and expand.